A Memorable Team Recognition Event

Jackson, our Obsidian X Director of Operations, is taking eight of our team members to Newport Beach for a fascinating tour. Those chosen for the trip will be touring the distribution center of one of our firm’s suppliers. This is just another way Jackson shows us that he values our work. It’s also a great chance for us to learn about more aspects of our business and set ourselves up for entrepreneurial success.

We receive all kinds of recognition for great performance around Obsidian X headquarters. Thank-you notes, verbal praise in front of our teammates, and travel incentives are all good examples of how we’re shown that our hard work is respected. As with the distribution center tour, our leaders also take time to create new experiences. These unique learning opportunities help us build stronger team bonds as well as fortify our knowledge bases.

The more we travel as a team, the clearer the picture we get of what’s possible in our industry. Touring other successful offices, attending conferences, and building our networks at industry functions allow us to keep pushing our careers forward. The fact that our leaders invest in our growth through these kinds of excursions is inspiring to say the least.

We’re looking forward to our next unique team recognition event. Follow Obsidian X on Twitterfor details on all our memorable group outings.