Building Stronger Team Bonds in Q4

As we finish 2018 strong, we’re committed to tightening our Obsidian X team bonds as well. We have a lot planned for the coming holiday season, including team nights every Thursday until the end of the year. Karaoke, bowling, and holiday parties are all on our agenda. The D.C. office is even visiting the San Francisco family in order to learn from each other and make valuable connections.

Our team events are important for many reasons, one of which is that they allow us to learn more about each other as people. We forge stronger bonds every time we get together away from our work roles because we observe positive traits we may not see around the office. For every hidden talent we discover and belly laugh we enjoy, our teamwork on the job becomes even stronger.

Communication skills are also sharpened with each Obsidian X group activity. Whether we’re giving back to good causes, competing with each other, or just celebrating the holidays together, we get to discuss personal and career issues in different settings. We often find that our ideas are fresher in the aftermath of a team outing, and that collaboration is more spirited.

We’re excited for all the team activities we have to look forward to in the coming weeks and months. Like Obsidian X on Facebookfor more details on our many morale-boosting events.