Obsidian X: Rock-Solid Career Opportunities

Our team brings a tremendous energy to Obsidian X, which is why we’re poised for expansion. Each individual is filled with positivity and drive, which are the key factors for growth. They joined our firm because they wanted to embark on a fulfilling career path that would lead them to success.

Sound appealing to you? Perhaps it’s time to see how you can take your career in a different direction. Let’s look at some of the perks we’re proud to offer.

Individualized Support

We want our team members to learn from the best: our Obsidian X managers. These leaders started their careers here and apply the knowledge they gained to coach our incoming people, just like they were individually trained when they first arrived. Our newest account managers and promotional specialists get support and feedback in our hands-on learning environment that sets them up to advance.

Rapid Knowledge Transfer From Obsidian X

Our Obsidian X onboarding process gets new people in the loop from day one. There’s no transition period filled with outdated study materials. Instead, they leap into the day-to-day operations as they interact with companies, do research, develop presentation skills, and more.

Work With Likeminded People

Obsidian X’s team culture is second to none. We foster an atmosphere in which everyone collaborates on common goals. Everyone takes the lead in their own career destinies, at the same time enjoying a unity which springs from success for all.

Travel Incentives

We like to reward excellence with unique opportunities found nowhere else. Obsidian X’s travel incentives offer our people a chance to visit exciting places for anything from regional trainings to R&R retreats. Better yet, we get to enjoy each other’s company as we experience something new together.

Learn and Grow

Professional networks are what keep our careers hot, and we make sure our team members have ample chances to add to their list of contacts. We encourage them to attend conferences, industry functions, and other events where they can connect with influential people from whom they increase their knowledge and build confidence. Through networking, our people find paths to success.

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Ignite Your Career
With Obsidian X

If your idea of a satisfying career involves endless learning opportunities and a supportive environment, get in touch with Obsidian X and let us share more details with you. Apply online today by sending your resume to careers@obsidianxinc.com.

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