Dressing for Success Makes a Big Difference

We pride ourselves on our professionalism in the Obsidian X office, including the way we present ourselves to the world. Dressing for success is a significant part of our organizational ethos. Jackson, our firm’s Director of Operations, pointed out that you never know when you’re going to meet a prospective client, colleague, or potential business partner. With this in mind, we adhere to the following sartorial fundamentals:

• Stay Clean and Pressed: We take the extra time to use lint rollers before starting a workday, and we always make sure our clothes are properly ironed. It’s essential to project a well-assembled vision of outward confidence wherever our business takes us. We’re also big believers in the value of impressively shined shoes, whatever style they may be.

• Keep Hair Tidy: Maintaining well-groomed haircuts helps us look more polished day in and day out.

• Be (Tastefully) Bold: We like to stand out with our clothing choices, so we find tasteful conversation starters wherever possible. Taking risks is encouraged in the Obsidian X workspace, but we do so while also respecting the classics when it comes to professional dress.

• A Nice Watch Always Works: Of all the accessories one can use to make a strong impression, a watch is perhaps the most impactful. It’s worth investing in a nice timepiece to capture attention and earn compliments.

• The Right Scent Is Key: We want to smell just as nice as we look, so we put time into finding the right scents to complement our style.

These are a few things we keep in mind as we dress to impress in the business world. Find more of our best success tips by liking Obsidian X on Facebook.