Learning Leadership Lessons in Dallas

Select members of Team Obsidian X will be travelling to Dallas for a national conference in February. Jackson, our firm’s Director of Operations, takes qualifying account managers to the Lone Star State each quarter to learn from keynote speakers, network with the best in our business, and get inspired to take on bigger challenges. Along with all these benefits, our team members will also sharpen some key leadership skills.

At the conference, our people will learn how to improve their teams, hold themselves more accountable, set proper goals, and maximize networking opportunities. Our qualifying team members will improve in these areas and many more as they interact with the top leaders in our industry. They’ll share lots of valuable insights when they return to our Obsidian X workspace.

Gaining new mentors is one of the prime benefits of networking at major gatherings such as the Dallas conference. It’s always helpful to have seasoned and successful people to look up to, because it’s easier to learn by observing leadership in action than to simply read about it. When our top performers expand their contact lists, they try to identify people who can act as coaches. They also explain to their would-be mentors what knowledge they hope to gain.

We’re excited to hear which members of our team will be heading to Dallas. Find out along with us by following Obsidian X on Twitter.