Our Big Expansion Plans for 2019

There’s a lot of excitement around the Obsidian X office as 2018 draws to a close. This is due to our many achievements in the past 12 months as well as our ambitious expansion goals for 2019. Jackson, our firm’s Director of Operations, explained that we plan to take over California with our brand in the year to come. New offices in Long Beach and San Diego will be our top priorities once the calendar turns to January 1.

When it comes to setting high targets for our company’s growth, we use a few simple strategies to winning effect. The first thing we do is put our intention in writing. When we have clear objectives on paper, we can look to them every day for inspiration. Something about the act of writing goals down also makes it easier to stay engaged and accountable.

We also emphasize learning from every experience as we project into a successful future for our company. We’ve been celebrating our 2018 Obsidian X achievements recently, but we’re looking deeper into our near misses as well. There’s a positive lesson to be gained from every project, even if the outcome isn’t what we expected. We’re ready to apply what we’ve learned over the past year to score bigger wins for the companies we represent in 2019.

The coming year promises to be a memorable one for Obsidian X and the businesses we promote. Like us on Facebook to stay up to date on our 2019 expansion efforts.