Our In-Depth Training Program Fuels Advancement

We’re proud of the immersive training program we provide for new members of Team Obsidian X. Our Young Entrepreneur Program, as we call it, puts team members on the right path toward lasting success in an evolving industry. Jackson, our firm’s Director of Operations, stated, “Advancement is the primary focus of our training system. Our newest hires get exposed to all aspects of our operations, setting them up to someday run their own businesses.”

Those who join our team receive hands-on guidance in real-world applications. They get to work on projects and help devise solutions from their first days on the job. This immersive approach is the best way to build confidence, so we’ve made it an integral part of our team success strategy.

Our commitment to in-depth training has also made Obsidian X a prime landing spot for the most talented candidates entering the job market. Jackson added, “People want to know they’ll have learning and advancement opportunities wherever they begin their career journeys. Those who join our team immediately find that they have clear pathways to ongoing growth and promotions. We’ve created an inspiring atmosphere in which people can hone their strengths and address weaknesses. Our account managers are well-equipped for any challenge as a result.”

We prepare business-minded people to thrive in the customer acquisition industry. Learn more about our training approach by liking Obsidian X on Facebook.