PRESS RELEASE: Obsidian X Top Performer Opens Her Own Office in LA

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Obsidian X’s Director of Operations highlighted Jessica for opening her own office in Los Angeles. He also discussed the business benefits of awarding internal promotions.

Helping team members achieve new heights is the major focus of the Obsidian X culture, which is what makes Jessica’s recent accomplishment so exciting for the company’s leaders. Jackson, the firm’s Director of Operations, explained that Jessica has been promoted to run her own office in Los Angeles. The move is the result of her many accomplishments and consistent positive attitude.

Jackson noted that Jessica has helped Obsidian X reach many new heights and sustain remarkable growth. He explained that she has spearheaded many different campaigns while inspiring team members with her optimistic mind-set. Jessica’s exemplary leadership skills made her an ideal choice to head up her own division in Los Angeles.

Jessica also serves as an example of what can be achieved with the firm through determination and hard work. Jackson added that she applied herself from the first days on the job, making the most of the firm’s immersive training approach. Jessica’s professional journey is one that can motivate current and future members of Team Obsidian X.

Obsidian X’s Director on the Benefits of Internal Promotions

There are many positive outcomes that emerge through regularly promoting from within. One of the most compelling benefits of internal advancement is the fact that it keeps engagement and motivation at high levels. People need assurance their efforts will be recognized and rewarded in predictable ways. Members of Team Obsidian X know exactly what to do to reach the next levels in their careers, Jackson explained. This helps them stay committed to moving forward day after day.

The learning curve is also much shorter for a person who is promoted from within an organization. Jackson noted that seasoned team members already know the ins and outs of how a company operates, so there’s a much smoother transition to be made when taking on more responsibilities. This brings a level of comfort to the person being promoted and the firm’s leaders. Internal promotions are more cost effective as well, because those who are already up to speed can get right to work in their new roles. Existing team members who are elevated to new roles also have longstanding connections with their teammates, so they don’t have to worry about getting to know the people with whom they’ll be working each day.

About Obsidian X:
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