Unwinding and Learning at R&R Retreat

Travel opportunities are common for members of Team Obsidian X, with the most recent being a rest and relaxation getaway in mid-November. Jackson, our firm’s Director of Operations, explained that trips like this one are ideal ways to learn from top leaders, network with people from other markets, and recharge before a busy new year begins.

The networking potential offered by R&R trips and other excursions leads to company growth and overall improvement. Jackson noted that team members take what they learn from high-achieving industry peers to refine their own approaches back at the Obsidian X office. There’s always a buzz around our workspace after we return from a business trip.

Getting a fresh perspective is invaluable for ambitious professionals. That’s exactly what our brand managers gain when they venture far from home with teammates. Putting some distance between ourselves and our current projects allows us to devise new strategies for completing them. New viewpoints also allow us to home in on clear goals for the future.

We also get to forge stronger bonds with our teammates every time we hit the road together. Being surrounded by successful people in new places helps us appreciate the unique talents on our team even more. We come back to Obsidian X HQ newly inspired to collaborate.

Our recent R&R trip was a great way to bolster morale for the challenges of 2019. Follow us on Twitter for regular updates on our team travel events.