Use These Techniques to Master Networking

Digital conversation seems to be vastly overshadowing face-to-face communication in today’s world, but we remain committed to in-person contact. Although we certainly leverage text and messaging software, we know the Obsidian X’s approach to real-world interaction is behind the success of our company and those we serve.

Whether we’re giving presentations, networking with colleagues, or building rapport with consumers, we rely on the following techniques:


  • Take Initiative: Instead of waiting for others to approach us and start discussions, we make the first moves. Small talk, like commenting on our surroundings, tells people that we are open to conversation. We’ve found that others are often relieved of their own nervousness when we take the initial steps.
  • Pay Attention: We learn through the Obsidian X training program that focusing on one thing at a time is far more effective than multitasking. This is true when it comes to relationship-building as well. When engaging with others, we avoid looking at our phones and watches. We also refrain from glancing around the room or allowing our thoughts to wander.


  • Plan for Future Contact: One-time contact doesn’t yield much value. As we meet new people, we leave the doors open for future interaction. These may include shared emails and coffee dates, for instance. Ongoing discussion enables bonds to flourish.

Use these methods to make strong connections with others, and follow Obsidian X on [Twitter] for more networking ideas.