We’re Ready to Add to Our Outstanding Team

Our ongoing growth in a booming industry means it’s time to expand Team Obsidian X. Jackson, our firm’s Director of Operations, stated, “The motivated and business-minded people who join our team will be equipped with all the tools they need for personal and professional development.”

Anyone who joins our company will find a fantastic set of perks, including travel, team nights, R&R events, and much more. Perhaps the best thing we offer new hires is our expansive developmental program. Those who come on board refine existing skills and develop new ones with support from entrepreneur-minded individuals who act as coaches.

Our Obsidian X approach to mentorship means every new hire has a reliable source of uniquely helpful advice. Seasoned team members in our office have risen up from the entry level, so they know exactly what it takes to thrive in our industry. Our experienced account managers have also received tips from all kinds of influential people through their career journeys, which they’re ready to pass on to others.

We also place special value on the fresh perspectives coaches can offer. Our newest additions get to see things from angles they never would have considered on their own. This accelerates growth and encourages creative thinking at the same time.

We’re excited to find the ideal fits for our supportive culture. Check out the Obsidian X NewswireNewswire for updates on our hiring plans.