Why Promoting From Within Is the Way to Go

We have many growth opportunities in the Obsidian X workspace, largely because we promote from within. Our team members see clear pathways to career advancement and take full advantage through dedication and hard work. Business-minded people can thrive within our office because we emphasize constant improvement.

One reason internal promotions are so good for companies is that seasoned team members already know the ropes. Bringing in someone from outside the organization leads to a lot of training that isn’t necessary with an internal candidate. Our in-depth Obsidian X training program equips all our brand managers with the knowledge they need to thrive in any role. This means our people are ready to advance from their first days on the job.

We’ve also found that engagement and morale are much higher when there are clear paths to growth within a workspace. People push themselves beyond their current skill sets when they know they’ll be rewarded for their efforts. There’s also a greater sense of trust throughout our team because our team members know our company leaders are invested in their success. A wide range of ongoing training options make it easier for our people to take advantage of internal promotion opportunities.

Promoting from within is something we take seriously around Obsidian X HQ. Learn more about our approach to advancement by following us on Twitter.