Obsidian X:Swift Action, Solid Results

Obsidian X has the sales and marketing solutions needed for happy, engaged, and loyal customers. Because of our thorough research and our live promotions approach, we rapidly connect with people who are most likely to be interested in your services or products. As we spread word about your business into new markets, you’ll experience unprecedented growth that pushes you past the competition.

Obsidian X’s Strategy for Overflowing Success

At Obsidian X, winning isn’t good enough. We constantly push boundaries and continue to exceed goals. By creating an environment in which sales training and personal development are emphasized, all Obsidian X team members have the resources and incentives to deliver results for you. They are empowered to yield unconventional campaigns out of which measurable outcomes flow. We thrive on making sure your business grows because it means our firm and our people win as well.

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